Why Sudoku is so popular?

Why Sudoku is so popular?

Sudoku is a logical game

Sudoku is a logical puzzle where people use deductive thinking and searching for logical models to find out where to place the missing numbers in the grid. The logical structure of the game defines Sudoku as a relatively simple and easy to learn game.

Sudoku can be played anywhere

Sudoku is an easy portable game, and it’s available for download in almost every mobile phone. You can play Sudoku during your small daily breaks, during lunch breaks, or this can be the first thing you do in the morning while drinking coffee. If you travel by train or bus, you can play along the way to work. The easy portability of Sudoku puzzles is one of the main reasons the original game has become so popular in Japan- a country where millions of people travel long time through trains to work every morning and like to fill up their time while solving puzzles.

Sudoku may be good for your own health

Many people begin to have interest in the idea of “brain games” which can help us stay mentally healthy and improve their ability of learning throughout our lives. It’s believed that Sudoku helps people reduce the risk of dementia with age.

Sudoku is a global game

Because Sudoku is a “game with numbers” it can be easily played from people from different cultures and countries. It’s not needed to have any specific knowledge to start playing Sudoku. You don’t need to know anything about movies, music, sport or politics. Anyone can play Sudoku, wherever you are, no matter the language you speak or the culture of which you belong.

Sudoku is fun!

Maybe it’s obvious, but Sudoku is just a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. There is something very satisfying in solving Sudoku puzzles. Probably Sudoku will become more popular in time, because more and more people find out how fun and stimulating the brain is while solving this type of puzzles.