Solving Sudoku helps staying mentally stable

Solving Sudoku helps staying mentally stable

Forget all the vitamins and exercises- if you want to prevent mental damage, try out solving Sudoku instead, scientists suggest.

A review of various studies, how to keep your intelligence as you age, shows that only the mental work gives results.

In United Kingdom around 820 000 people have dementia, and most of them are affected by Alzheimer.

Some studies establish, that exercises can reduce the risk of dementia, while other studies show that solving puzzles, playing cars or using the computer are also in good use. It’s possible the patients or the doctors to find confusing the controversial information, says Dr. Raza Naqui from University of Toronto, Canada, which made the review. His team had revealed 32 researches, including around 25 000 healthy patients at age 65 and above. Most of the study part for the medicines, hormone therapy, vitamin supplements, ginkgo, omega 3 and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), haven’t shown positive effect on the patients. While with physical activity, there are evidence for little benefit, writes the Canadian Medical newspaper. Only the mental exercise, which was included in three studies, shows positive result every time. Dr. Nakhvy says: “In a research, the patients had improved significantly regarding their memory, during the fifth year period.“

In another study, the researchers examine people through everyday tests, like finding a number in the phonebook. Those who have gone through a mental training program have better results than the others. Dr. Nakhki calls for more researches for “easily accessible means”, so they can improve your mental skills, like puzzles and Sudoku games. He says, that this is a case where you use what you have or lose it, that’s why he recommends to his patients to stay mentally active as long as they can, no matter how they stimulate this activity. Sudoku games are a wonderful way to train your mental abilities.