Easy Sudoku, Hard Sudoku, Master Sudoku - which one to choose?

Easy Sudoku, Hard Sudoku, Master Sudoku - which one to choose?

To satisfy all the players in all different ages, Sudoku puzzles come with different levels , separates the time and energy that you’ll need to solve the puzzle. Each level follows the basic Sudoku rules, but allows different difficult levels, so children could play it. The most common levels are:

  • Very easy
  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Master

As we mentioned before, the game structure stays the same, but the highest levels can offer much more for every player, like challenges and testing your capabilities. Because of the huge hit that the Sudoku has, those levels are made so that people come back to it once they have passed the next level.

Which Sudoku level I should play

The choice at which level to play shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in Sudoku game. A lot of enthusiasm is needed for solving the first Sudoku puzzle, that’s why your first level should be your starting point. Learn the rules of the game and try to apply what you’ve learned. The key to mastering this game is practice, that’s why the more easy Sudoku puzzles you solve, the easier you’ll adapt to the next levels. After passing the difficult level you can safely call yourself Sudoku addicted.


The different levels of the game speak of how popular the Sudoku game has become over time. Even the smartest people find the master levels so challenging, that they can’t leave the puzzle for a second. I assure you that once you start solving Sudoku puzzles, you’ll reach the difficult level in no time and that’s when the real fun begins.